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As Promised Below Are More Testimonials From New Genie Script Members

Wesley Virgin
Father, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur
At 33 years old - quitting my job and traveling to one of the most metaphysical cities on the planet, was never in the cards for me...

But this unusual city led me to the 20 word script I discovered while in a foreign country.
And I know what you’re thinking..

Wes, how do you know this script is true and legit?

Well I further confirmed, this was it.

And was undoubtedly true, when I nearly lost my life after being dropped in the middle east serving my country.
Stop for one second, I have a confession to make..

Let me be absolutely transparent with you..

Before you immerse yourself and read this to the very end..

I’m just a young black kid from the southern parts of Houston Texas, who grew up with the bare minimum like most folks.
And even though my parents are christian pastors of a church, I misbehaved quite a bit...

I did poorly in high school...

I dropped out of college...

I screwed up my credit!

I have student and credit debt that will make you cringe...

My credit score is 400...

I’ve been to jail a few times because I was just plain stupid.
My car was repossessed 3 times, that not only screwed up my credit, 
but my mom being the co signer, jacked up her credit as well..

And I hope to God you do not judge me for saying this.

But I’ve even been fired from a job for doing the most obscene thing you could ever imagine.

I was fired because while I was supposed to be working to take care of my 2 children.

I was stupidly browsing porn sites staring at naked images of women on my computer screen.

And my manger caught red handed - literally!

And yes I know exactly what you are thinking...

Wes! were you actually watching porn at work?!

Yes! I was that dummy watching porn at work.

Even though the military led me to the shocking discovery of this unique abnormal script that changed and saved my life financially

After listening and repeating this unique script with tears in my eyes each and every night, the military decided to kick me out for disorderly conduct and tampering with confidential evidence.

Which I will reveal soon enough..

But honestly tampering with those confidential docs is how I accidentally discovered this unique script which is why I cannot use my voice in this video.

And I know what you are thinking..

Wesley I don’t know if you’re a low life degenerate or a hero.

Well it’s a little bit of both...

And I will peel the onion and give you the full story in 60 seconds, right now.

I was 33 years old, in a Dark spot, depressed, broken without a pot to piss in and I hated myself for it

And even though it got me kicked out of the armed forces..

Tampering with those documents, connected the dots that led me to the discovery of this “peculiar script” that not only transformed thousands of peoples lives.

It rapidly transmutes your thoughts into things.

And when I got the balls to spend my savings which was $20,000 to travel to this weird city in India to confirm if this script was really real..

I realized Only a few men and women have witnessed this esoteric power…

Now, it’s been used by some of history’s richest and most powerful people... 

And I’m sure you already know this..

But both Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg all spent time in a sacred city in India right before they became billionaires.
But this was odd to me.

Which is why I took a leap of faith and rolled the dice.

And risked my savings of $20,000 to travel to one of the most sacred but metaphysical cities in India called Swamimalai.

And even though This secret script was thought to be lost…

I discovered in the indigenous city of Swamimalai, that It wasn’t..

While in Swamimalai, I met this fragile Indian mystic you see on the screen right now..

And he had been given a way to turn the lost mind into matter scripts into simple calibrated audios anyone can use to manifest virtually anything they want... 

AND At first I thought this was a freaking joke..

Because I already read all the books like think and grow rich and rich dad poor dad.

I listened to meditation frequencies almost every night...

I said affirmations until I was blue in the face...

I’ve been to the silly seminars and walked on fire with Tony Robbins.

And I’ve even spent time in Arizona at these strange Deepak Chopra meditation events.

And out of pure desperation I nearly drunk Ayahuasca and tried DMT.

And excuse my frustration, but writing in journals, posting dream cars and vacation pics on my bedroom wall did not work!

Because at the end of the day...

I was still a broke father in his 30’s, living in Houston Texas, sleeping on a air mattress losing all hope and nearly giving up.

And before I keep going...

Listen to me! And I’m saying this from the top of my heart!

Whatever you do. Do not ever give up!! Ever!!

But one morning I woke up and strangely remembered one of my father’s sermons,
And I remember him saying these exact words to his congregation.

When life is uncertain, and you don’t know what to do. 

Take a leap of faith towards the unknown! 

And decide to take that leap of faith right now!
So in my misery and uncertainty, that’s exactly what I did.

And i still remember this like it was yesterday..

I was laying naked on my air mattress in my small one bedroom apartment.

Looking at my vision boards and desperately staring at the pictures of vacations, fancy cars and homes posted on my walls.

But every evening I did it, and recited exactly what the Indian mystic shared with me while I was in Swamimalai.

I would put on my cheap pair headphones, took a deep breath and I started to relax deeply and begin to Listen and repeat the abnormal script that at first, made no sense to me..

And right when I was about to give up and throw in the towel...

On day 45, something strange and peculiar happened to me...

And in that very moment, my eyes begin to flood with tears.

Because what seemed like a fraction of a second...

I was sitting there in my land of paradise.…

Now, with his permission, I’m revealing this script, “mind-into-matter” with you right now.

And to the masses of people who are on the verge of giving up...

So for the next few minutes, I’d like to ask that you open your mind and avoid all distractions... 

Put your phone on silent, and listen closely to every word I’m about to tell you... 

And Because of the FCC, this video may not be up for long, and you NEED to know about this secret... 

While in India I met a group of cult like weird people..

Who all paid $20,000 just like me, to meet this Indian mystic who was responsible for these esoteric scripts that was transforming the lives of average people to millionaires and billionaires rapidly.

And I know this may not make any sense to you..

Stick with me, because I’m going to prove it to you.

And like I said before, I was desperate, so I decided to have an open mind...

And suspend all my beliefs and deeply focused on what I was hearing..

Every morning we would wake up at 5 am and eat veggies and fruits but no meat.

And to be honest I hated the no meat part...

Because as you can see, 

I’m a healthy fit black man and being a fit black man, I love my chicken..

But like I said before.

I chose to LISTEN deeply AND do everything he told me to do.

And have an open mind to something different because I wanted different results..

So after breakfast we would repeat this script like mantra for minutes at a time..

And at first, it was hard to sit still and focus deeply on the words that I was hearing from his mouth.

But the more and more I would do it and recite the usual script like mantra, each and every day I begin to feel clarity and for the first time in a long time, I felt total peace and experienced pure consciousness.

And out of no where, the smiling fragile Indian man got up from his seat and walked straight up to me. 

And to be honest, I thought he was going to slap me across the face for moving so much..

But while I was repeating the script he had given us.. he said the most peculiar words,

He said. “Listen to me right now, You are fearful young man because you aren’t running your mind. 

Your fears are. 

And as you begin to surrender right now to a power that already lives within you.

By relaxing deeply and reciting this script over and over again.

You will soon realize that manifesting your desires has already taken place in your 5th dimensional world."

And eventhough I was confused, At that moment, my life changed.

There was a surge of energy running through my body.

I was soaring above the planet!

I felt happiness surging through my veins.

And I begin to think and say these words over and over agin

“I believe this! I feel amazing. I believe this! I feel grounded and connected.” 

And after a few moments, I added, “I don’t feel any fear at all.”

And then he asked me the 1 question that every man or woman listening to this right now must ask themselves right before manifesting their dreams.

The question that allowed me to earn 1 million dollars in one month.

The 1 question that allowed me to retire my parents and bless them with their dream cars...

The 1 question that allowed me to travel first class to over 30 countries...
Costa Rica
The 1 question that allowed me to bless my daughter with a brand new car for her 16th birthday...

The 1 question that allowed me to kick my job to the curb forever and control my destiny.

But before he asked me that 1 shameful question..

He asked me to think about what I really want out of life. 

And I paused for a second and I began to think deeply about what I really wanted form my life.

And he said, "don’t be vague like most people..

Think of every detail and be very specific.

Think of everything your heart has ever dreamed of…"

When you begin to think and imagine how successful you feel right now..

What do you see?

What do you hear?

What do you smell?

What do you taste?

What do you feel?

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the more I would recite and hear the script the energy was 10 times more powerful than the last time.

And Without thinking about it, I listened deeply..

And literally fell into my chair, almost like I was having a lucid dream but 100 times more powerful 

I was somewhere in space looking down at the planet.

I realized that at that moment in time, I could have anything I wanted on the earth.

At that moment I thought about where I had come from. Dire poverty.

My family had always struggled with money and despite wanting wealth, I never truly believed it was possible... 

The army was my escape from a life I couldn’t deal with...

But this time, I fully SAW myself as wealthy, powerful and confident,… 

When I opened my eyes,

“I felt blessed that I was lucky enough to meet the old Indian mystic and have access to the same script that very few used to accumulate vast wealth and prosperity...”

And eventhough I invested $20,000 to learn what I didn’t know, It was worth it!

“Now, it’s my obligation to share it with you — so you get everything your heart wishes for.”

“From this day forward, you will have all the money you ever wished for.”

“But not just money — this secret script can be used to attract love and passion... become fit and healthy... anything your heart desires...” 

“You don’t have to even work for it. In your case, money will just flow to you.”

My mind was stunned. Was this a joke? I’d always been broke... 

But he explained that the Indian technologies had advanced knowledge of frequencies and how they connected the mind to universal energy... 

“I’m talking about the creative force behind everything that exists,” he said. 

“Most people are completely disconnected from this energy because of FEAR — just like you were. 

“So they cannot create what they want.”

“There’s a conflict and They feel powerless and unable to make changes in their lives...”

“But the moment you release fear and tap into that energy — everything shifts...”

“You are able to manifest anything you desire...” 

“In fact, you have to be careful because you can almost become TOO GOOD at manifesting...”

“So you have to really focus on your heart’s deepest desires...” 

“This is why this script has been kept secret and only carefully passed along across generational wealthy families...”

“It’s dangerous in the wrong hands...” 

“But you Wesley, have a pure heart — I sense your destiny is to help people as your father does with his church...”

All this sounded interesting, but also strange and almost unbelievable... 

He explained the script I was reciting transmitted this manifestation frequency to me in those moments.. 

But there would come a time when I would learn the science behind this secret script... 

And begin to use this script and share it with others... 

He also said it was the last time he would see me, though I wasn’t sure what he meant... 

We shook hands before I returned to my home in Houston texas. I had zero fears as I crossed the streets. 

My biggest problem was thinking about what I would tell everyone... 

I knew they would mock and tease me if I told them this story... 

But since I left india, I had begun focusing on the feeling I had with this fragile Indian man... while also continually thinking about what I desired most. 

I really wanted to become wealthy enough to leave my job... give my children the life they deserved.. to help my parents... and ultimately help others change their lives... 

My “rational” mind was pretty damn skeptical I could achieve any of this... 

But there was a part of me that just believed. 

The first inkling that something was strange was when I started my second business.

For 7 years previous to the script, I was trying everything with the first business, but I could not make nor attract any money. 

So I decided to apply the script with my business.

And literally in a very short amount of time, of reciting this script, I earned a million dollars from a business I never thought I would ever create now manifest.

And it is crazy to think that I made over a million dollars with no help, no skill and no money.

But that was only the beginning. It was the beginning of a series of strange coincidences. 

At my peak, I was doing $30,000 a day in sales... and because it was a digital product, that was nearly ALL profit. 

I quickly went from broke to multi millionaire... and thanks to what I had experienced in Indian reciting that powerful script... 

I already FELT like a millionaire... 

It wasn’t like those people who win the lottery but then lose it, because the money doesn’t match their old identity. 

Something internally had changed. 

I promise that if you listen and recite this script starting tonight, you’ll start to see miracles and serendipities in a short period of time. 

This script shifted my paradigm, when I was in a tough spot financially and It’s handy for understanding exactly WHY you’re going to get amazing results.

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Let me explain.

Many people read self help books, say affirmations, go to motivational seminars and expect to change, but thats like placing a bunch of new furniture in a home that still has the old beat up furniture. You must get rid of the old furniture!

And this Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Entrainment track is exactly what it sounds like: it’s training your brain to operate off a wealth generating frequency. Binaural beats are used by athletes, person change experts, and professionals to change their state to prepare for important changes in their lives. 

When you listen to binaural beats, you may hear some slight beeping sounds in the background as your brain syncs to success.
Kundalini Touch Exercise 
What if you were able to touch an area of your body that instantly activated your energy centers to put your entire body in a state of bliss. 

Kundalini has been around forever in the middle eastern countries such as Dubai. 

Every wondered why 75% of the population in Dubai are filthy rich. There are countless studies of this touch and on my trip to Dubai Iast year I was invited to learn this exercise and it literally blew my mind. 

Warning this is the most powerful feeling I've ever felt in my body close to sex, so be patient as you do it, because you will never be the same. 
Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises
Ever wondered if the third eye is real? 

Well no need to wonder any longer..

It is very real and it 10xs your intuition, so you feel you are doing the right thing to get what you want..

No matter the meditation system, people are aware of something called the third eye. That’s the place where I was touched on the forehead. And you cannot imagine how much you are going to love me once I help you open YOUR third eye in 7 minutes flat.. 

Some people say the third eye is connected to the pineal gland in the brain. When you put very light pressure on the eyelids, the pineal gland senses light. I want you to experience the same dramatic shifts that I had. 

After you get this and access the member area, please understand this is very powerful and will lead to the most profound changes in your life which includes your health, finances and your connection to the divine..
Divine Walking Guided Meditation Audios
Truly enlightened people try to think of the Divine at all times. Like the Bible says, “when you walk on the path.” 

I’ve created these meditations so you can access the Divine within you just by listening to these sessions. Life changing – no doubt. I want you to access the power of constantly being connected to the Divine.

It’s as if you have your own personal genie to call upon and deliver whatever you need. 

And Before I let you go, I want you to think long and hard about something. 

Think about the last 3 to 5 years of your life. 

Really, think about it for a second...

Are you still living where you don't want to live?

Are you still driving what you don't want to drive?

Are you still spending money that you really don't have?

Are you feeling stressed about a job that you don't want to go to?

Are you tired of not traveling to the exotic places around the world?

Are you tired of taking low budget vacations?

Are you tired of looking for deals and shopping from the discount racks at your favorite department store?

Most importantly, are there people in your life... your community... the WORLD who you could help... if only you weren’t worrying about “making ends meet”? 

That’s no way to live my friend. 

And it was me a few years ago, I was sick and tired of busting my butt for a boss who didn't appreciate me...

Tired of repairing a car that was constantly breaking down on me... 

And I was tired of looking at other people succeed while I was sitting helpless trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Can you imagine the feeling and what your life would look like when you’re laying naked on the exotic beach of your choice?

These people are on the way, why not you? 
more reviews from happy customers
"Thank God for Wesley's program because this literally saved my marriage. In a few short weeks I created a very profitable passive income for me and my family using this."

Jacob from Texas, Age 39
"I used to be a broke college student, but after taking a leap of faith with Wesley's system, I went from 0 to $3,000 in sales faster than I thought."

Weris from Spain, Age 20
"This changed my life and I got my first BIG sale and client using this system."

Chris from London, Age 26
“I went from 0 to $7,000 in a month using this script, now I travel the world for a living.”

Sam from Singapore, Age 24
"Three words, Buy This Course! The yantra at the end of the video did it for me! Even though I am 33 years young, I am healing right now from a troublesome nerve on my left leg and the healing frequencies while using the yantra are working their magic. I am feeling no pain for the first time in 2 months. Wes you an angel sent from God!!!!! All praises to the Most High, God is the Greatest!"

Peter from Australia, Age 47
"Thank you! I just wanted to say the moment I chose to buy the course, I listened over and over again for 6 hours STRAIGHT because I was so in tuned and it made me feel AMAZING instantly."

Eve from Canada, Age 55
"When he whispered the words, "open your eyes and Just Do It", I instantly felt this calmness and peace shoot through my body, and not to mention the huge check for $186,440 I randlmly received in my mail box, and all I did was stare at that darn image in the course, Sounds crazy but it works!"

Robert from Europe, Age 39
"I am blown away! I am so grateful for this course because I am now living my life like it's golden. I can have Anything I want. I am in control of designing my life from this point on. I've gone to like Tony Robins, T. Harv Exkert, Joe Dispenza and followed Gregg Bradon, Bruce Lipton, Bob Proctor, Abraham (Ester Hicks), Neville, Joseph Murray, and Rev, like the list goes on. But wow, you did the thing Wes."

Rachel from United States, Age 51

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MODULE 6: How To Feel Rich When You're Broke

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MODULE 8: Altering Your Brain Waves For Happiness & Abundance

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I still remember the tears of joy running down my face, when I think back about the smart decision I made for my two children to eventually become a multi millionaire.
And it absolutely IS a decision—one that you can make for yourself, RIGHT NOW
But, let me warn you of something.
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It might not be for you.
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I'm sure you already know this, but the first law of manifesting anything is to understand nothing happens by chance... 

Even you finding this video and watching it to the very end was purposeful and intentional.  

So before you decide to go to the next page and download the full Genie Script system right now, remember this.

Everything on the planet happens for a distinct reason, birth from your deep intention or desire that got you started, and here in the first place.

I believe you were destined for greatness. 

The only thing holding you back from your highest potential is fear of survival... fear of not having enough money... 

Once you solve that, you can do anything. 

You can be a light for your family... you can bring joy to others... 

You can realize all your deepest dreams... 

You can impact people in your family, community, and planet in ways you never dreamed possible. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Stop playing small — join me in the big leagues — let’s change the world together. 

This is Wes Virgin signing off... and I’ll see you inside the program. 

Let’s Goooooooooo!!!

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