EXPOSED: Listen to This 20 Word Script Used By Billionaires To Manifest Anything 100X Faster!

(Click on the video to turn on sound 🔈 and pay close attention)

EXPOSED: Listen to This 20 Word Script Used By Billionaires To Manifest Anything 100X Faster!

(Click on the video to turn on sound 🔈 and pay close attention)
Deepak Chopra
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MODULE 1: Brain Warming Content

MODULE 2: The Structure Of Success Consciousness

MODULE 3: Laws Of The Human Mind

MODULE 4: Condition Your Mind For What You Want In Minutes

MODULE 5: The Art Of Rewriting Your Subconscious Mind

MODULE 6: How To Feel Rich When You're Broke

MODULE 7: Sensory Emotional Acceleration (Activate Feel Good Hormones)

MODULE 8: Altering Your Brain Waves For Wealth, Happiness & Abundance  (Takes less than 7 minutes to do it)

MODULE 9: The Genie Script Meditation 

💰PLUS: Get Paid $250 If You Fail... (I'll explain below)

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But I’m not done with what I have to guarantee an immediate change in your life and bank account!

Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Track 
Bonus Number One: 

This gem prepares your brain to change. I have a special binaural beat I confiscated from India, that neurologically calms your mind an allows new beliefs and thoughts to stick. Binaural beats work using a technique called brain entrainment. 

Let me explain.

Many people read self help books, say affirmations, go to motivational seminars and expect to change, but thats like placing a bunch of new furniture in a home that still has the old beat up furniture. You must get rid of the old furniture!

And this Wealth Frequency Binaural Beat Entrainment track is exactly what it sounds like: it’s training your brain to operate off a wealth generating frequency. Binaural beats are used by athletes, person change experts, and professionals to change their state to prepare for important changes in their lives. 

When you listen to binaural beats, you may hear some slight beeping sounds in the background as your brain syncs to success.
Kundalini Touch Exercise 
Bonus Number Two:

There’s an old saying that “seeing is believing.” When you start seeing what your new life can bring you, it convinces the brain: “This is real. This is happening.” So, we took my personal wealth visuals which will help convince your brain to believe this is happening to you within the next 30 days.
Supernatural Third Eye Activation Exercises
Bonus Number Three:

No matter the meditation system, people are aware of something called the third eye. That’s the place where I was touched on the forehead. I’d like to help you open YOUR third eye. 

Some people say the third eye is connected to the pineal gland in the brain. When you put very light pressure on the eyelids, the pineal gland senses light. I want you to experience the same dramatic shifts that I had. 

This is very powerful and will lead to the most profound changes in your life.
Divine Walking Guided Meditation Audios
Bonus Number Four:

Truly enlightened people try to think of the Divine at all times. Like the Bible says, “when you walk on the path.” 

I’ve created these meditations so you can access the Divine within you just by listening to these sessions. Life changing – no doubt. I want you to access the power of constantly being connected to the Divine.
It’s as if you have your own personal genie to call upon and deliver whatever you need. 

Just look at what you get when you summon your genie.
Look! I have no idea how you got to this website But To Give you A 100% Guarantee What If I Paid You $250 If You Fail...
Yes! you read that right!

I will pay you $250 if you fail

but let me explain why the genie script works so fast 

& why i'm willing to pay you through cashapp, venmo or paypal if you fail 

let me explain.

When you decide to suspend your old piss poor beliefs right now.

You may for the first time ever, feel that everything is working perfectly in your life right now.

And Yes! That includes all money you can spend, loving orgasmic relationships and a body to die for.
And it's simple..

All You need to do is turn off the idiot box aka the TV

Plug a pair of headphones in your ears, 

And sit in your favorite chair and listen deeply to the unique but addictive approach all celebrities and athletes swear by, 

and you'll hear and notice yourself rapidly changing in the members area

But don't be like everyone else and listen casually.

Listen repeatedly as if you were listening to a Cardi B, Drake or Michael Jackson album

and if you do this right now

You won't believe how fast you'll see & get the exact results you've been thirsting for

Nothing could be easier. 

Even without a college degree or any specialized training 

I did exactly what you're about to do on the next page

and I made millions,

 millions of dollars that is

But don't get excited until I tell you exactly what’s included on the next page:

If you’re the kind of person who wants to destroy the drama, pain or financial misery in your life sooner than later

and jump on the fastest roller coaster toward your desires, dreams and goals

 I’d recommend putting and absorbing the five Meditative Frequencies to use tonight. 

This is like tapping your genie🧞 on the shoulder 

and telling your genie🧞 exactly what you want, 

using the Five Scientifically Proven Meditative Frequencies that you will simply play and listen to during the most mind influential periods of your day. 

This will be handy for understanding exactly WHY you’re getting amazing results so rapidly.

Or you can go straight to the powerful eastern yantric meditations and images I’m including. 

Is it worth trading 10 minutes of your time to see the payoff of your actions faster, faster than you've ever even dreamed of? 

You can use any cheap pair of earphones or headphones or just listen over your phone’s speaker.

Some people like to fall asleep with these playing in their ears throughout the night. 

That’s a great extra thing to do, to put some grease on those skates, so you can ride into your land of paradise faster . 

But the most important thing is to do this as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, at least four times a week. 

And Obviously our successful members do more, because more reaps more results..
Honestly, that’s all it takes
 However, below these red words, is why 10s of thousands of people per month, get results so fast.
Picture yourself living in a neighborhood where your neighbors are positive, Wealthy, happy and successful.

Well on the very next page that picture will be a reality 

 You'll be a resident of a private community to help you succeed without mistakes, hiccups or boo boos. 

Sometimes we’ll need to politely slap you across the head, and help you overcome negative limiting beliefs. 

They will creep in.. But we got you covered.

And let me be frank..

I don’t care what I have to do to you, to move you faster through this marathon

 And I'm sure you'll allow me to mentor and coach you in a very unconventional way, as long as you see results in 4 weeks flat. 

I'll be happy and you'll be ecstatic because you'll happily look back on today

 and remember the smartest decision of your life.

And Yes I Know what you are thinking..

Everyone who get's this, is not going to change and everyone who get's this

 is not going to be Rich, Happy or In Love

You are right!

But that's not you..

Just by staying on this page, You're demonstrated an attitude of commitment and an immense amount of self discipline,

 and unlike the 97% of gutless people who left, they will never get it and they will never manifest abundance

 and they will never take massive action towards their dreams, 

But You are still here, 

and you're hungrier than ever!

I can feel it! and I know you can feel it too!

If you ever heard of Napoleon Hill, the greatest personal change expert of our century, he recommended masterminds where “great minds think alike.” We want you associating with others who are looking for change.

Like Mother Teresa once said, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

The time you've spent on this page is a drop that is birthing the ocean of wealth and happiness you'll feel and experience very soon.

Magical Scripting Journal Kit 
Value: $197
This will accurately track your manifestations as they physically materialize nearly every week or even every day when you use it starting tonight
17 Oil Pheromone Lovers Kit
Value: $397
When this potent oil is applied to a certain area of the body it will attract the man or woman you desire within 3 feet of you within seconds
Sage Poverty Cleansing Kit 
Value: $597
This will exterminate all negative energy associated with debt and poverty in your home or space so you can instantly attract what you want 10xs faster
The Abundance Checks Kit 
Value: $497
After you have these special unique checks in your possession, you will easily attract random checks to your mail box and bank account
The Exotic Vacation Manifesting Kit 
Value: $997
Imagine carrying unique first class boarding passes in your possession and within moments - you book an exotic first class vacation to your favorite destination around the world. Our members on average take 1 vacation per month using this kit
The Subliminal Mind Hack Kit 
Value: $397
Imagine sleeping while listening to subliminals that alter and re program your subconscious mind to believing you are wealthy so you naturally and easily take the right action toward to the achievement of your dream faster
High Vibrational Food List 
Value: $497
 Imagine tasting the foods that exponentially boost your oxytocin and serotonin levels which increases your vibration to an instant feel good state to command things you desire in your life faster. (Several of our members report manifesting things nearly overnight after eating these foods) 
 Secret Chakra Hacks
 Value: $1,197
The easy non mediative relax ways to instantly open your chakras using wine & steamy hot baths. Our members rave about this technique because when you do this, it opens your sacral chakra that triples your orgasms during intimacy.
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